Messaging for Business Communication

Maintain customer safety, interest and provide updates through our SMS and WhatsApp solution. Connect with your global audience to enhance conversion rates and service quality.

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Authenticate and Protect

Verify your customers’ identities and securely transmit passwords

Inform and help to Remember

Leverage SMS and WhatsApp as a direct marketing tool to enhance conversion rates

Communicate and Interact

Provide individualized service via your customer’s preferred communication channel


We provide cost-effective, high-quality A2P SMS packages. Leveraging our extensive global network, we ensure message delivery worldwide, supported by our commitment to quality and advanced technical expertise.

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Embrace the worldwide expansion in A2P SMS messaging with our comprehensive services, ensuring you connect with any of the 6 billion global subscribers via our robust, fully supported SMS hub.

Transform your message dissemination into a swift, dependable, and economically efficient process. Thanks to our sophisticated routing technology, we identify the most efficient routing options, ensuring each message takes the quickest possible path and achieves exceptionally high delivery success rates.

We offer affordable, top-notch A2P SMS packages, utilizing our extensive global network to guarantee worldwide message delivery. Our commitment to quality and advanced technical capabilities supports this promise. Additionally, our message filtering services guarantee premium SMS termination and exchange for our valued clients, ensuring only the highest quality communication.


Connect with customers worldwide through Tek Ino’s WhatsApp Business API. Utilize WhatsApp to reach over 2 billion users, offering support on their favourite platform.

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Tek Ino’s WhatsApp Business Solution effortlessly enhances global customer communication. Harness the power of the WhatsApp Business API to elevate your customer engagement and access a vast audience. Gain a competitive edge by offering real-time responses to your customers in a convenient and polished manner.

Seamlessly transition your Enterprise WhatsApp Business account to the Tek Ino platform, ensuring your customers receive the exceptional experience they deserve. With our WhatsApp Business Solution, managing leads, efficiently responding to current customers, and boosting conversions to increase business revenue becomes straightforward.

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